Essential oils can also be termed as volatile oil and in layman’s term, can be defined as the hydrophobic liquid which is concentrated in nature and comprises of aromatic compounds from plants which are also volatile in nature. There are other names as well which can be given to these oils and those are aetherolea, ethereal oils or plain and simple oil of the plants from which it is extracted. This is quite important as it carries the features of that particular plant that can be vital for treating various kinds of illness.

Processes in which these essential oils are extracted: There are some other important processes that are used for this purpose and those are solvent extraction, Flora-sols extraction or expression. The earliest method which was used to Essential oils Manufacturer was discovered chemist and a pharmacist.

Details of the extraction processes:

Expression: This is used to extract citrus peel oils and this method is quite similar to the one used for extracting olive oil. This process of extracting oil is done with the help of heavy mechanical machines or by cold pressed method, which are both vital in this regard. Citrus peel oil is available in large quantity, thus it is quite cost effective when compared with other kinds of oils. There are other varieties of citrus peel oils available and some of those are sweet orange oils and lemon.

Distillation: The essential oils which are quite common such as peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus and more are also extracted with the help of distillation process. The distillation apparatus which is also known as Alembic is used for this purpose. Various kinds of raw plant products such as leaves, flowers, roots, bark, wood, peel and seeds are put inside the apparatus and mixed with water to extract the oil from it. Maximum products are distilled using a single process except yang-ylang which normally takes around 22 hours to complete the whole process. This is known as fractional distillation.

Flora-sols extraction: The main ingredient in this regard is the Flora-sol which is a refrigerant. It was developed mainly to replace another product known as Freon. Flora-sol is used because it is an environment friendly item which will not hamper the environment. The essential oils that are obtained from this method are entirely pure and without any foreign element.

Some important types of Essential Oils & Aromatics available in the market place are lavender essential oil, Eucalyptus oil and rose oil. There are different important benefits of using these oils and some of those are mentioned below:

* These are used for dealing with any physical problem and other psychological conditions like depressions, anxiety, hypertension, hysteria and more.

* These oils are used for manufacturing various kinds of cosmetics and beauty products. Oils or aromatic products are used for religious purposes as well.

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